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Due to the sanitary situation, the visit of the CSG for the attendance of a launch live in Kourou is no longer possible


Participate and give visibility to your Idea

Regardless of the jury’s decision you will benefit, as a Space for Sustainability Award participant, of visibility given to all selected Project Ideas, which will be mentioned during the Award ceremony at the EISC plenary session, attended by various European political and space-sector representatives (industry, parliamentarians, journalists).

Moreover, all participants will benefit from the prestige of the Award, which is a guarantee of excellence and rigour, as required by institutions such as EISC and ESA, and from the distinguished jury.

Fly in zero gravity aircraft!

The author of the winning Project Idea will have the quite unique opportunity to experience floating freely in the third dimension, becoming an astronaut for a day.

The winner of the Award will also be given the opportunity to present his/her Project Idea to stakeholders during the Award ceremony and, as a consequence, facilitate the communication concerning the Project Idea and perhaps give him/her the opportunity to go ahead and carry out the project.

Become the Special Mention of the Jury and talk about your Project

Every year, the jury also rewards a candidate with a “Special Mention of the Jury”. The author of the rewarded Project Idea will also be given the opportunity to present his/her Project Idea, together with the Award winner, during the Award ceremony at the EISC plenary. This occasion will be a unique opportunity to make great contacts with various representatives from the European space-sector.

Travel inside Europe and accommodation expenses to attend the prize ceremony and the parabolic flight will be covered by ESA-EISC Space for Sustainability Award


— Agronomia Team, 2017

'The launch was particularly meaningful and memorable. All in all, a truly terrific and surreal experience! We would like to thank ESA and all the people involved in running the competition and in organising the events that made all of this possible. Go, Bepi go!'

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