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Present your project at the EISC

The first place and special mention of the jury will be invited to present their project idea at the European Interparliamentary Space Conference (EISC). The event brings together representatives of the European parliament, the space industry, and the media. 


Attend a launch live!

The winner of the first place will be invited as a VIP guest to Europe's space port on Kourou, French Guiana, to watch a launch in site!


Grow your CV and professional experience

Participating in the Space for Sustainability Award is worth mentioning is a rewarding experience. It not only offers the opportunity to win the first place, but it is also an opportunity to grow your network and receive world-class expert feedback on your ideas.

Travel inside Europe and accommodation expenses to attend the prize ceremony and the parabolic flight will be covered by ESA-EISC Space for Sustainability Award.

Our winners say...
BeeSat, winners of the 2018 edition
"This was a very thrilling experience for all team members, allowing us to combining topics of high interest for us (space and environment). It allowed us to explore the field of innovation and start-up/research beginnings. We started with the objective to participate in the award without any idea on what we would like to work, and we ended up with an idea and project we truly believed in and that we got to present in front of parliamentarians. A wonderful experience."
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