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In this page you will find details on how to participate to the Award and what are the criteria to be shortlisted and hopefully win the Award. You will also get more information on the expected deliverables and the evaluation criteria of your Project Idea.

Participation criteria
Participation criteria
Who is eligible?


  • Individual candidates and small teams are allowed to participate. However, please note that in case of a team winning the competition, only one member of the team will attend the 0G flight.

  • Candidates, and all team members should be at least 18 and at most 30 years old (included)

  • Candidates must reside, work or study in an EU and/or ESA Member State (European Union + Switzerland, Norway and UK)

What are the basic requirements for the Project Ideas?
  • Project Ideas are expected to be innovative and creative but must not be developed yet.

  • Project Ideas must show a clear and accurate link to space.

  • Project Ideas have to show a clear link with at least one of the sustainability aspects that are developed by ESA as explained below and thus helping to find solutions to important challenges and concerns of the sector for the sustainable development of the society.

  • Project Ideas would preferably focus  on European purposes.

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Timeline of the competition

The Award follows a two rounds selection process:

For the first round, all poster submissions are due by midnight CST on May 21st, 2023 via upload on the OSIP platform (see registration page). These poster submissions (see below for further information) will then be evaluated by a panel of ESA experts who will select maximum 15 best posters for the second round.


On June 6th, 2023, the results of the pre-selection will be annouced to the candidates and the selected participants will be invited by e-mail to develop their Project Idea in order to submit their paper for the second round of the competition.


For this second round, all paper submissions are due by midnight CST on June 25th, 2023 via upload on the OSIP platform, as well. These paper submissions (see below for further information) will be then evaluated by a panel of judges and the winner and the 'Special Mention of the Jury' will be notified via e-mail during the summer 2023.


The winner and second prize ('special mention of the jury') will be invited to prepare slides for a 7 minutes oral presentation during the Award ceremony on the occasion of the EISC plenary Conference, the 25th September 2023.

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Poster submission - 1st round


  • The registration and poster submission are possible only via the dedicated page on this website.

  • During the first round of the Award, the participants are invited to present their Project Idea via the submission of a poster, which will be evaluated by a board of ESA experts. 

  • The poster template is available for download on the website, you can for example click on the image below. It allows all the candidates to present their Project Idea in a synthetic way. All the poster submissions must follow the provided template and be written in English.

  • Each team or individual participant must submit their Project Idea poster in pdf format by upload on the website before the 21st of May 2023 (included).

On the poster, you will find 3 different areas: 

  • The title area.

  • The description area, where you are asked to define your project giving 

    • its area(s) of application (In space sector, In space or On Earth), 

    • the related sustainability pillars (governance, environment, social, economy)

    • on a 0 to 10 scale 

      • ​its level of relation to space 

      • its level of relation to sustainability

      • its feasibility level 

    • a short summary of your Project Idea

    • a few specific key words

  • The poster core area, where you can go in more details in the description of your Project Idea. Your are encouraged to include figures or charts. A specific area is dedicated to the writing of a small conclusion paragraph.

The winning entry will reflect a coherent, structured approach, where space comes together with at least one SD pillar.


The evaluation criteria are the following:

  • Space is taken into account

  • Sustainable development is taken into account

  • Use of a presentation structure such as

    • background

    • description of Project Idea

    • realistic implementation

    • results expected

    • potential risks

    • mention of sources (can be on additional pages)

  • General applicability of the Project Idea in a wellknown context

  • European applicability and/or European interest

  • General presentation/layout of the Project Idea submitted.

A multidisciplinary approach is always encouraged

Paper submission - 2nd round


  • For the selected candidates, the paper submissions will be possible only via a dedicated page on this website (the page will be open to the selected candidates after the first round).

  • During the second round of the Award, the selected candidates are invited to further present their Project Idea via the submission of a paper of 5 to 7 pages, which will be evaluated by a panel of judges in the course of July 2023. 

  • There is no specific template to follow for the paper submission, the candidates are free to present their work the way they prefer. However, participants are highly encouraged to use graphics, tables and formatted text (bullets, underline, bold) to make the project document as readable, professional, and as compelling as possible.

  • Each team or individual participant must submit their Project Idea paper in pdf format by upload on the website by the 25th of June 2023 (included).

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