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All the selected Project Ideas  are evaluated by a high level jury composed of professionals from different fields of competencies going from space and innovation to sustainability and environment. The former, current and future representatives of the EISC presidency are as well part of the jury. Jean-François Clervoy, former ESA astronaut is the chair of the Award.

Jean François Clervoy
ESA Astronaut
Chairperson of the Jury
Clément Dugravot.jpg
Clément Dugravot 
French Representative of the EISC Presidencies
Philippe Vallette
Founder of Nausicaa 
CoChair of World Ocean Network
Bjørn Willy Robstad
Norwegian Representative of the EISC Presidencies
Clémence Poirier.jpg
Clémence Poirier

Resident Fellow ate European Space Policy Institute (ESPI)
Andrea Vena

ESA Chief Climate & Sustainability Officer
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